Heti 3 tanóra (2 kiscsoportos és 1 egyéni anyanyelvi tanárral) 6 héten keresztül, azaz összesen 36 tanóra.

Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning offers not only language learning, but also a gateway to the beauty of Taiwanese culture, and a professional environment to apply Mandarin to explore different worlds.

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JMMS (Jade Mountain Mandarin School) provides courses for students under 18 years old. The school has in-person courses for those who live in Budapest one and a half hours and also online courses for those who live far with 2 hours per week. There will be a video of the class to make up the lesson.  To maximize the learning, we will also host at least two cultural events.

​Not only Mandarin, but the school also provides Hungarian courses for those who want to speak daily Hungarian.

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With the view to the modern busy life, our expert Mandarin teachers from Taiwan design a course where you can learn Mandarin step by step in an efficient and stress-free way. In our course, through learning for three-months, three hours per week, you can use Mandarin to complete basic daily life conversation.

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Online tanfolyam

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Our courses are more than just language lessons; they’re immersive experiences that blend functionality with cultural richness.


Every month, our doors burst open with an array of captivating Friday Cultural events and Festival Programs. It’s where our students put their Mandarin prowess to the test and soak in the vibrant tapestry of Taiwanese culture.

At TCML Hungary, we’re not just teaching Mandarin; we’re opening the door to a world of cultural discovery. Join us, and let your Mandarin skills flourish amidst the backdrop of Taiwan’s diverse traditions and heritage. Your adventure begins here!

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