Calligraphy Course


Time: 6:00~8:00 pm
Date: Tuesday
Fee: 15,000 FT (TCML students 10000 ft)
Age: Above 18 years old
*If you bring one friend to study together, you will get a 10% discount.

Course Content

During the 12-week course, you will explore a variety of topics such as:

Week 1: Introduction to Chinese characters, recognition of writing tools, introduction to writing posture, and drawing pictographic characters.

Week 2: Five characteristics of Qi Dao calligraphy, the practice of writing posture combined with breathing, practice of “horizontal and vertical” strokes.

Week 3: Practice writing long strokes emphasizing breath control, and practice “reverse in and out” strokes.

Week 4: Introduction to the structure of single and compound characters, writing in “dragon coiling style.”

Week 5: Introduction to the evolution of Chinese characters and calligraphic fonts, writing one’s Chinese name using “horizontal and vertical” strokes.

Week 6: Instruction and practice of horizontal and vertical strokes in clerical script, writing “mouth, middle, prosperous, mountain.”

Week 7: Instruction and practice of leftward strokes in clerical script, writing “circumference, bright, addition.”

Week 8: Instruction and practice of rightward strokes in clerical script, writing “king, in, thousand.”

Week 9: Instruction and practice of various stroke types in clerical script, “ink permeating through the back of the paper.”

Week 10: Introduction to regular script and text structure.

Week 11: Appreciation of calligraphic works.

Week 12: Final calligraphy work appreciation.

Other Cultural Activities:
Taiwan Movies
Taiwan Board Game
Taiwan Festivals
Taiwan Tea Culture
Taiwan cuisine
Reading Club

Terms and conditions:
The classes will focus on oracy (comprehension and speaking) and the elements dedicated to writing and reading. Writing and reading will be taught in the traditional character format, which is used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and many overseas Chinese communities.

There will be NO makeup lesson if you miss it. There will be a pass mark 75% to issue the certificate upon completion.

If a booking is canceled, we must be notified by email: [email protected] at the earliest opportunity. All cancellations will be acknowledged by email and the following terms apply:

Cancel within 7 days before the course (not including the course day), 50% of the refundable deposit will be refunded. Cancel within 4 days or less; once the course has started, there will be no refund.

If you decide to cancel the course after applying for any reason, we will refund fully of the 15,000 ft nonrefundable fee.

We reserve the right to cancel our course before the specified date if there is insufficient demand. In this case, we will provide alternative courses, or applicants will receive a full refund.

Upcoming Sessions
Dates: March 19, 2024 – June 4, 2024 (Can be extended until you have total 12 sessions)

Total of 12 sessions

Saturday, March 196:00 PM 2 hrJason Huang
Saturday, March 266:00 PM 2 hrJason Huang
Saturday, April 26:00 PM 2 hrJason Huang
Saturday, April 96:00 PM 2 hrJason Huang
Saturday, April 166:00 PM 2 hrJason Huang
Saturday, April 236:00 PM 2 hrJason Huang
Saturday, April 306:00 PM 2 hrJason Huang
Saturday, May 76:00 PM 2 hrJason Huang
Saturday, May 146:00 PM 2 hrJason Huang
Saturday, May 21    6:00 PM 2 hrJason Huang
Saturday, May 286:00 PM 2 hrJason Huang
Saturday, June 4 6:00 PM 2 hrJason Huang

Time Zone: Central European Standard Time (GMT+1)