About Tea Master

江衍均 Aurelius Jiang

Aurelius, a student majoring trans-disciplinary bachelor degree program at National Taiwan University, decided to take a gap year after completing his second year at NTU. Combining his interest in tea and his passion for Taiwan, he planned to travel to Europe for two months, visiting nearly 10 countries to share Taiwanese tea ceremonies, tea tasting experiences, and Taiwanese culture.

He began learning the art of tea from the tea sommelier : Nancy Chao in junior high school, and has since passed the Junior Tea Sensory Evaluation Exam, as well as delved into Japanese tea culture. With over 5 years of tea experience, as a young person rare in the traditional cultural industry, he is committed to innovating Taiwanese tea and hopes to promote what he believes is the underestimated Taiwanese tea culture : the world-renowned “Formosa Oolong” , being famous for the past century, globally.

His experience in studying Chinese and Taiwanese literature along with his focus on ecosophy & environmental social science at university has led him to explore traditional interpretations, using organic tea as a medium to portray the essence of tea ceremony on the modern stage. Tea, as a daily practice, is a reflection of his way of life.