Adult Online Course

Ready to take your Chinese language skills to the next level? Our Mandarin course is designed specifically for students who have already mastered the basics and are eager to dive deeper into the richness of the Chinese language and culture.

In this course, you’ll build upon your existing foundation and expand your vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills. Our experienced instructors will guide you through engaging lessons that focus on practical language usage, cultural insights, and real-world scenarios.Join us and embark on an exciting journey of linguistic and cultural discovery. Enroll now and unlock the doors to new possibilities with Mandarin!

Beginner Saturday Morning

Under TOCFL Level 1 / HSK3, 3 hours per week / 12 weeks
*You can join anytime, we have video to make up, all together will be 12 weeks. If you need help, we will assist you extra lessons to help you catch up with the lessons.

Starts August 17th 9:00 am- 12:00 am

30,000 Hungarian forints